Seasons Villa Photo Shoot


This is one of the latest villas I shot, its located in Seasons Residence in New Cairo.

It was my first time to visit this compound, the Villa is ofcourse redesigned, so this is not the typical design of Seasons Residence but the redesign was not drastically different.

The villa was still under construction, so this was the only facade I can shoot and that was the challenge, to get different good angles for the same facade with this limited space infront of it.

I had to wait for almost two hours for the right time to get the twilight look, but during that time I was practicing the different angles that I was going to shoot from. Its a simple game of repetition untill you decide the best angles for the villa and its landscape. This magical twilight “blue sky” time lasts for less 30 min. in Egypt, so you have to be ready when it arrives and very quick while shifting your angles.





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  1. Seasons Residence Photo Shoot | Nour El Refai Blog Says:

    […] exterior shots as I knew the angles I wanted to cover since I already shot some of the exterior before during the under construction […]


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